1950s/1960s Turquoise Coloured Stone Brooch


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This dainty brooch is relatively small in size. It has a lightweight design with a fixed upper section from which hangs a simple pendant feature.  The backing for the brooch is formed from shining Goldtone metal, onto which have been set glass stones in an eyecatching Turquoise shade.  The stones vary in shape and finish; a circular, faceted type displays brilliance, clarity and sparkle, whilst an Opaque type shows smooth surfaces and a Pear-shaped outline.  A smooth, domed Opaque stone forms a focal point at the centre of the fixed upper section.  Although all the stones display a Turquoise colouring, the Opaque stones (particularly the Pear-shaped type) display a mottled finish, which gives a marble-like effect.  The stones are prong held to their metal settings and the pendant section is attached with a circular Goldtone metal link.  All stones are intact.  The fastening is a Rollover "C" Clasp which opens firmly and securely.  This brooch is delightful piece to own.

Please note:  The faceted stones reveal only a very minor degree of age-related discolouration.  The opaque stones  have very little evidence of wear to their pointed tip and there is only very slight evidence of rubbing (at the back of the brooch). 

Condition:  Very Good
Vintage Era:  1950s/1960s
Measurement:  Approx 35 mm (W) x 50mm (L)
Colour:  Turquoise