About Us

Me as a teenager with an orb on my shoulder.
(And my hair looks I've been dragged through a hedge backwards!)

My interest in all things vintage has stemmed from when I was a teenager.  I would often raid my mum's wardrobe (when she let me!) and I was always rummaging through charity shops, jumble sales and market stalls in London's Camden Market, looking for that something special.

I love vintage because it's unique and affordable.  Whether you like to dress as a 20s Flapper a girl, a 50s Hollywood Starlet or an 80s New Romantic, you don't have to spend much to look a million dollars...  And if you're wearing a vintage piece, you're less likely to bump into someone wearing the same thing!

Over the years, I have owned vintage pieces of clothing, bags and jewellery but I have especially loved vintage costume brooches.  And so with a passion for vintage brooches, Betsy Blue was born 2013.

Everything I sell on here has been personally chosen by me and would like to be kept by me! But that would be greedy, also, I don't have the room!  So I hope to bring to you some gorgeous and glamourous finds that I hope you will love and wear to be admired.  In the meantime, I get to enjoy these beautiful pieces of jewellery until they find a good home.

With love,
Betsy Blue x