Black Rock Sands August 27 2013


It was August Bank Holiday and I was invited by one of my oldest friends Emma for a mini break up in North Wales to stay with her mum who lives in a cottage up in the mountains by Mount Snowdon.  Wales is renowned for its interchangeable weather and on this particular weekend, Wales was HOT, no RAIN!  I kid you not it was so hot we slipped on our swimming costumes and hit the beach.

Black Rock Sands is a 2 mile long sandy beach situated at Morfa Bychan, 2 miles from Porthmadog in North Wales.  It is one of the few locations where you can take your car on to the beach.  There is a small charge to enter the beach and the charge is per car.

The sea along Black Rock Sands is shallow, with a gentle gradient making it ideal for swimming and bathing.  Black Rock Sands has become a well known beach for activities and is popular with windsurfers and kite-flyers.  It has designated bathing and boat-launching areas.


The sand dunes forming the backbone of the beach are a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Dogs are allowed on the Eastern and Western sections of the beach but are banned from the central section.  If you go walking up the sand dunes, be careful of the grass, the long blades are quite hard and spikey and you can't avoid them sometimes pricking you.

If nature calls, don't worry, there are public toilets you can use just before the entrance to the beach.  There is no charge to use the toilets but just take tissue with you just in case the toilet rolls provided run out (which inevitably they do.)

We had a lovely day, soaking up the suns rays, forgetting all our troubles, building sun castles and chilling with a picnic made by Emma's mum.  A word of warning, Black Rock Sands can be really windy, don't be fooled by the sea breeze in thinking that it's not that hot and not wear sun cream because if you don't wear any sun protection, you will end up leaving the beach looking like a Belisha beacon!

We finished off the day with an ice cream from Mr Softee (not a name I personally would have chosen but there you go!) the Ice Cream Man and headed home back into the mountains for a much needed rest and roast dinner.. Well it was exhausting sitting in the sun all day!