The History of the Boucle Jacket October 14 2013

The Boucle Jacket is a timeless design that every lady deserves to have in her wardrobe. But have you ever wondered about the history of this chic piece of fashion?

Boucle Jacket -Topshop
Black Patent Chain Bag - Local Boutique
Giant Pearl Necklace - Topshop
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Created by Coco Chanel in 1954, the Boucle Jacket was inspired by menswear, straight and fluid with four real pockets, a trim in matching or contrasting tones, buttons stamped with famous Chanel logo or no buttons at all. 

The French designer had used originally used tweed for her designs in the 1930s because it was cheap and two decades on she was using a buckled tweed for her Boucle Jacket.  It was lined with Silk and a Brass chain that ran along the seam so it would fit and fall perfectly.

The jacket was made up of a multiple of panels so it could be adjusted 2 or 3 sizes up or down to fit every woman according to size.

Coco Chanel paired her genius jacket with knee-length wrap skirts to create an absolute freedom of movement and the jacket has graced our catwalks ever since.

Although the Boucle Jacket was more seen to be worn by the older and wealthier lady, today, young or old, who cares, they are all sporting the look.  You don't have to spend a small fortune for an inspired Chanel jacket.  Topshop, Asos, H&M and even Primark have versions that won't break your piggy bank.  

You can dress it up with a smart pair of trousers or you can dress it down with a pair of skinny fit jeans.  Wear it with a dress or a pencil or full skirt.  You can wear it to a wedding or you can simply wear it for a lunch date with the girls.  However you choose to wear it, the Boucle Jacket is pure class and one day I'm gonna own a real Chanel Boucle Jacket!  I best get looking on eBay then...!

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