Spa Day April 24 2013

Today I went for a total relaxation and wellbeing at the Amida Spa at the David Lloyd Centre in Farnham with my friend Lorna.  All I can say is wow! There were 5 Indoor and Outdoor Saunas, 2 Steam Rooms, a Salt Grotto, an Ice Chute, a Hydrotherapy Pool, Plunge Pool and a dedicated Spa Bar. The list was endless!

The first thing that took me was the Ice Chute, the hub of the Sauna Rooms and Salt Grotto. In a darkened space, the beautiful chandelier hung from the ceiling which gradually changed colours and as it changed colours so did its mood it seemed. The whole point of this Ice Chute is to rub the ice on your skin to get the circulation going. I rubbed some in but not vigorously as it was blimmin freezing, even if I had just stepped out the steaming sauna!

The Salt Grotto didn't appear to do anything, then all of a sudden two gushes of steam came out and a smell of what I can only describe as the sore throat sweet, "Lockets" (Honey and Lemon) was deeply inhaled and seemed to clear the airways. 

Next stop was the Crystal Sauna, the maximum stay in this room was 10 minutes. Well, Lorna couldn't hack it for much longer than 5 minutes so we headed for the Plunge Pool. 

Now the Plunge Pool is not for the faint hearted and if anyone has ever been in a Plunge Pool, you'll know that the water is so-ooo cold you can hardly catch you breath while in it. I dared Lorna to do 5 seconds to which she then dared me to do the same. They were the longest 5 seconds ever, I'm sure Lorna was counting really slowly on purpose! Once my 5 seconds was up, I darted out the pool into a warm shower and I have to say the whole experience was rather quite pleasurable. We did this in between saunas about 5 times!

Then we were off to the Hydrotherapy Pool for a bit of floating relaxation. If you have any nicks or cuts, this pool will sting you as it is quite salty but not as salty as the Dead Sea so don't expect to be floating on your back reading the Sunday newspaper because you'll just sink and get your paper wet!

You name we tried it, the Outdoor Pool, the Outdoor Jacuzzi, even it had been raining, we would have tried everything! It was just so nice.

After spending practically the whole day there, we were exhausted! (It's hard work going to the spa!)  We decided to have little lie down on the heated stone beds in the Relaxation Room. Gently heated, we lay on the beds staring out the window at the clear Blue Heaven that lay above us wishing everyday could be like this.

Feeling very good about ourselves, Lorna and I went for a shower (not together I hasten to add!)  I showered with the luxury of Aromatherapy Associates (a favourite at home) that was provided by the spa, it was bliss, pure bliss, I didn't want to leave.  The whole experience and serenity was for me much needed.  I came home feeling totally chilled, wanting to feel this way forever...