What's in a name? July 29 2013


It's been a week since the Royal bundle of joy arrived, HRH Prince George Alexander Louis, our future King of England.  Much speculation has been around what would the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge call their son and they chose the 9th most popular boys name in the UK.  So what's in the name George?

In my book collection, I have a book of babies names that was bought for me many, many years ago.  I remember seeing the book in Martins Newsagents and asking my dad if I could have it as it had my name in it and that is soul reason why I wanted the book because it had my name in it!  The book cost 50p because that's what's printed on the front cover and the pages have turned yellow over the years but is still an interesting read if you want to look up the meaning of your name (if it's in there, if you've got a hippy trippy name like Oceana or Wolf, you've got no chance of finding it!  It's a pretty traditional book by today's standard.)  So I looked up the meaning of the name "George".

George:  From the Greek, meaning a 'farmer'.  A variant is Georgie.  Examples:  George Washington, George Burns.

Half of you who's reading this are probably thinking George Burns?  Who's he??  Yes that's how old the book is...  George Burns was an American comedian and actor who lived to the age of 100 whose career lasted over 90 years!!!  His famous trademark being Black round glasses and a cigar.  If that book were now, it probably be updated to, George Clooney.

Now back to HRH Prince George.  There have been six King Georges but there is no guarantee that as monarch he would use his first name.  His Great-Great-Grandfather, George VI was actually christened Albert, Frederick Arthur George and although known to his family as Bertie, he chose to be known as King George like his father.  So we may have a future King George VII or we may even have a King Alexander or Louis, who knows?