Ladies, wear a good Sports Bra! May 16 2013

My last blog brings me on the subject of the sports bra for this week... The amount of women I saw not wearing a sports bra last week.  A friend of mine used to be a Sports Instructor and she always used to say that you should invest in a good sports bra and unless you’re a man, there is no excuse for not wearing one when you are doing any form of exercise.  Now every time I see a woman exercising and not wearing a supportive sports bra, I just want to stop them and say, "Look, do you realise the damage you’re doing to your breasts?"  But for the fear of maybe getting a smack in the mouth and being told to mind my own business, I don’t say anything at all.  Unfortunately, so many women don't seem to understand the importance of wearing a sports bra during exercise because once those ligaments around the breast stretch, that's it, nothing can be done to shorten them.

Sports bras are expensive but I think it's better to shell out a little bit more than to opt for say, a Primark or Tesco sports bra just because it’s only £6 instead of £30.  Not that I'm knocking those shops in any way but you just won’t get the proper support you need with a cheap sports bra.  I asked my friends what brands they wear and most of them wear Shock Absorber which ranges from about £25-£40 and Marks and Spencer ranges from about £20-25.  Whereas, I wear Sportjock which is around £30-£40.

The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra is a moulded cup but it's not padded or wired with a hook and eye fastening at the back and non slip adjustable straps.  It comes in the several different colours with sizing from 30A to 38F. Most of the girls I spoke to seem to favour this one saying how comfortable and how supportive it is.

The Shock Absorber

Marks and Spencer do both an underwired and soft high impact sports bra that again has a hook and eye fastening and adjustable straps that can be crossed over at the back depending on preference.  They also do crop tops.  Sizes go from A-GG cups in Black, White or Grey.

The Sportjock crop top top that has no fastenings and a racer back and it literally binds your boobs, they do not move when exercising!  The only thing with the Sportsjock is that it can be quite difficult to get off when you're hot and sweaty but I always manage it despite.  The Action Sports Bra is for A-C cups and Super Sports Bra is for C-F cups. It comes in many different colours and can be worn on its own.

The Sportjock

It doesn't matter if you're small or large breasted, just don't let gravity defy your lovely assets, make sure you keep your boobs as upright as possible and wear a good sports bra when exercising.  Not only will it make exercise more comfortable for you but it will also stop your bubumbas falling down past your waistline and heading for your knees!

So ladies please, please get me off my soap box and wear a good sports bra!

Five go down to Devon April 12 2013

Early on a Grey cloudy Saturday morning, we set off from Bristol to Devon for a 5k Obstacle course at Escot Park in East Devon.  Now had you had told me how horrendous the whole experience was going to be, I definitely wouldn't have signed up for it but the Devil came and took me on this particular day when my friend Emma asked me if I would like to do it.  "Yeah, alright." I said enthusiastically, "It'll be fun...!" Famous last words...

For six months I trained, I ran 3 times a week, I worked on my upper, I was getting fit and feeling fitter too.  I'd even talked the girls at work into doing it with me, that's how good at selling I am!

The big day arrived and it had been raining non-stop for 24 hours...  Good start. Set in beautiful surroundings, Escot Park is a privately owned estate and Emma, Treena, Danielle, Jackie and myself were about to embark on something that I am not likely to experience ever again!

The warm up had us rolling around in mud with the Southwest Military Fitness shouting commands at us so we were covered in mud before we'd even started.  After the initial shock of the warm up, we were off on our little adventure across the wet, cold, rolling muddy countryside.  Are you getting the picture, I wasn't enjoying this?

Don't be fooled by the happiness on my face, behind that painted smile, I was crumbling! (And that was before the ice skip!!!)

For 1 hour and 33 minutes, I ran, swam, climbed and fully submerged myself in a skip of ice.  I was literally in the skip for seconds and already my body had gone numb and because of this, I was unable to lift myself out and had to be dragged out by Emma.  I was so cold I couldn't even string a sentence together, my speech was slurred.  Now I know why the people on the Titanic died so quickly in the water after it went down, it was awful!  I would have given up there and then if it weren't for my team giving me encouragement to carry on, I wouldn't have given up out of pride and stubbornness but I came close.

After rolling over 6ft hay bales and running over hot coals, as we were nearing the end of what I'd imagine Army Bootcamp to be, Jackie turned to me and said, "I tell you what Linda, never again."  And I managed to raise a smile only to be met by an 8ft wall to climb over at the finishing line! It was one for all and all for one as we all crossed the line together, no one better, no one worse than the other.  We showed strength and comradery that day, we were truly united as a team.

How many people does it take to get one person over an 8ft wall? Only one looking at him hopping over like it was easy!!