I want to break free...! July 27 2013

July has been a busy, busy month and I have been rather slack in my blogging but before the month is entirely out, I wanted to tell you about the wonderful Picnic in the Park I went to a couple of weekends ago...

Every other year, a picnic in the park is held at the King George Playing Fields near where I live. It's where you can bring your own picnics and listen to tribute bands playing through the night with friends and family. But every time it's been on, for some reason, I've not been able to go until this year...

My friend Rachel and her family have been going since the year dot and Rachel's mum Pat said, "Linda have you ever been to Picnic in the Park?" "No, never." I replied. "Well why don't you come along?" she said, "The tribute bands playing will be Killer Queen and Counterfeit Quo, even if it's not your type of music, I think you'll enjoy it. Come along..." One of the bands I cannot stand, is infact Status Quo! But you can never say you don't like something unless you have tried it so that what's that, I was going!

Picnic in the Park

It had been a really hot day and we were in for a really hot and sticky night. As we approached the field, we could see the turn out was already massive. For such a small area, there must have been at least 5000 people all with picnics! There were posh picnics with tables and chairs. There were not so posh picnics with just a blanket. But everyone had a picnic, soaking up the last of summer sun as it was getting ready for bed.

We found a spot and set up our chairs and laid out our blankets. Rachel's mum Pat had very kindly supplied the whole picnic, insisting that she wanted no contribution. But I couldn't not bring anything, so I bought a few bottles of fizzy pop for us to down.

The Counterfeit Quo were the first to play with a small crowd congerating at the front of the stage. As I expected, all the songs sounded the same. Status Quo aren't known for their stylistic diversity and the strumming of the infamous 3 chords was somehow getting my foot tapping! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my foot was a tappin' to the old boogie blues of the Counterfeit Quo! But just because they had my foot tapping, I wasn't going to be converted into a die hard Quo fan, no way, I just appreciated that the band could play!

It wasn't long after the Quo were off, Killer Queen were on. I was told this band is the best tribute band in the country. Not only did Brian May have hair like Brian May but Freddie Mercury had teeth like Freddie Mercury! And they sounded just like the real thing. Although I seem to know a lot of words to Queen songs, I am not a fan. It's their songs were really catchy and words were easy to remember. My oldest brother was fan and I always remember him playing their music from the record player in his bedroom.

Killer Queen had everyone up and dancing it was like being at a mini festival just 5 minutes walk from where I lived, it was quite surreal. For an hour or so they belted out the classics and said they weren't even going to pretend to go off stage and do an encore, they were just going to play until they had had enough! Brian May did a guitar solo as did Roger Taylor did a drum solo. Freddie Mercury sang and played the piano to Bohemian Rhapsody. They finished their set with "We are the Champions" leaving everyone singing and on a high. Killer Queen were simply brilliant!

As the band left the stage, fireworks were let off and we stood for a further 15 minutes "ooing" and "arrhing" staring into the still of the night at the display put on before us. As the show came to a close, the grande finale was a beautiful spray fountain firework which left the crowd with undoubtedly a smile and a high as a good night was had by all.


 The Grand Finale