A Sunday Mooch... March 24 2014

Over the weekend I met up with my gorgeous friend Roisin in the historic city of Winchester. We hadn't seen each other since last September in Portsmouth when the weather was still hot and barmy and there was still no sign the Indian Summer was coming to an end. This time in Winchester, the weather had taken a turn from the lovely unusually warm weather we'd been having this time of year, to cold, windy and hail stones.

Aww, lovely Roisin with her Iced Coffee

We had lunch at a Coffee/Wine Bar called Black, White, Red, co-owned by England's Cricket Captain Chris Robshaw on Jewry Street. The place was rammed! And it wasn't looking likely either that we were going to get a table but we managed to squeeze a place where we could both eat and have a good natter.

There you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch or an early evening meal. Roisin and I were on the cusp of brunch and lunch so I ordered slow roasted Pulled Pork in a toasted Brioche Bun with Pickled Cabbage and Spiced Apple Chutney all served up on a wooden platter with a Coca Cola (only from a bottle!) And Roisin ordered Poached Fruit Pancake with Maple Syrup and Whipped Cream on a plate with an Iced Coffee.

Now I'm told that this is the place to go if you want a different cup of coffee. I wish I'd known this at the time or I would have ordered one as I do like my coffee but I'd already had my quota that morning so I opted for a fizzy pop!

The place itself is quite small and very modern, kind of a cafe on one side and a wine bar on the other. If you want a bottle of wine rather than just a glass, you select your wine from the shelves at one end of the room and then pay the retail price plus a corkage charge if you are drinking it there.

The cakes looked amazing, the staff were friendly and the price was right.

Yummy scrummy!

Considering the amount of people in there, we didn't have long to wait but then we were so busy catching up on the goss, I don't think we would have noticed if the food had taken a while. No, I think I would have... I was so-ooo hungry!

After lunch, Roisin and I took a wonder into Winchester town getting lost on the way! Err, how many months have you lived there Roisin!??

A bit of window shopping!

The sun had come out to play in the suddenly clear Blue sky and we decided to have a mooch around Winchester Cathedral. It was the first time I'd been there in a few years and Roisin had never been but every time I go, it still makes me think, "Wow, what a place..."

Work began on Winchester Cathedral in 1079 and is a mixture of different phases from 11th to 16th Century. It is one of Britain's largest Cathedrals and is the longest in Europe.

As we strolled in awe of the magnificence of the place, the organ was playing in the distance and the faint singing of the choir could be heard. Quite where it was coming from I don't know but it sent goosebumps all over me, it was beautiful at the same time quite eerie. Roisin said she felt the same as she passed a tomb of a Bishop of Winchester long gone.

We went down below into the low vaulted crypt that floods in the Winter months where you'll find Antony Gormley's sculpture of a solitary man standing up to his knees in water reading a book. A word of warning though, there are steep stairs to walk down so if you're wearing heels like Roisin and I were, walk sideways and hang onto the metal railing on your way down or you are liable to fall and break your neck!!!

Beautiful stained glass window... And graffiti from the 1500s in the reign of Elizabeth I!!

As always, whenever I enter a church, I light a candle and I always light it for my Dad who passed away in 2006, who I miss very, very much. All are welcome to come and light a candle and say a little prayer, for me it gives me serenity, to let that person know they are never far from my thoughts.

Roisin and I left leaving a donation to the Church and to say goodbye to one another until the next time. It was so lovely to see one another... I think the next we meet, it will be in Guildford except we won't visit Guildford Cathedral as that's where the 1976 horror film "The Omen" was shot, so I don't think we'll be going there, ha ha...!!