Sweet Sixteen and a Sugar Lump or Two November 15 2013

Remember, remember the 5th of November...  Well that was 10 days ago and it's now the 15th today.  I have been meaning to blog all week but what with one thing and another, I haven't managed to do it!  Yes siree, I have been rubbish but blogging takes time and thought and I just haven't had a lot of it recently...!

What I did want to write about was my niece Olivia's fantastic 16th Vintage Tea Party last weekend.  At first Livvy didn't want to do anything to mark her milestone but with the insistence of her mum (my sister Susan), we organised a Vintage Tea Party for her.

The weather was particularly atrocious last Saturday and so Livvy with ten of her closest friends sat, chatted and listened to music while Susan, my brother-in-law Steve and I whistled while we worked making finger sandwiches of Cray Fish and Prawn, Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon, Turkey and Ham listening to a wonderful vintage radio station found by my sister on digital called Smile Sussex.

I was assigned to the laying out of the most fabulous cupcakes I had ever seen.  Infact, I kept thinking what a shame to have to eat them, just staring at them and being tempted by them was good enough for me...  Actually no, maybe that was a slight exaggeration but if they tasted as good as they looked...!   (Which they did by the way!)

Cupcakes made by Kerrie Crabb

A long table was laid with an eclectic mix of fine bone china cups 'n' saucers and plates kindly lent by various neighbours.  One sugar lump or two?  There were Silver spoons from Bali with semi precious stones to stir and slurp the brew.  The vintage looking paper plates and doilies for the finger sandwiches and pizza pieces were purchased through eBay as was the bunting we hung from the walls.

Vintage Bunting and Vintage Paper Plates and Doilies - From eBay

The devilishly scrumptious Birthday cake was made of rich Chocolate mousse covered in delicate swirls of dark chocolate shavings.  It was lovingly handmade by the dad of Livvy's friend Tiren.  How clever is he!? I'm told that Tiren's dad is a brilliant cake maker and looking at what was before me, I could see it was no lie! 

 Handmade Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake
Black Polkadot Tea Dress - Laura Ashley


The girls had all clubbed together to buy Livvy a beautiful birthstone ring of Topaz from Pandora and had wrapped it up in a huge box so she would never have guessed.  Livvy squealed with delight as she opened it and saw the ring.

And so, with bellies full of tea and cake, the afternoon unwound with lots of giggles and a sing song on the piano...  And oh, lots of clearing up for us adults!!

**A Tea Party Ode by Me**

Livvy had a tea party
One rainy afternoon
Mum wanted to go that extra mile
To celebrate it vintage style
But Livvy said, "No boys allowed, it has to be just girls."
"I only want my closest friends wearing frills and pearls!"
Finger sarnies served up a treat
Fresh tea was on the brew
Homemade cupcakes were served as sweet
Was that one sugar lump or two?
A Birthday cake of chocolate mousse
All washed down with Lambrini juice!
But best of all for everyone and me
We all enjoyed our afternoon tea